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December 30, 2013
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Illegibilus | Isabelle Azarola by Tinccho Illegibilus | Isabelle Azarola by Tinccho

❧ [n]ame Isabelle Azarola

❧ [a]ge 15

❧ [h]ouse Gryffindor

❧ [b]irthday July 7th

❧ [h]eight & [w]eight 164 cm ( 5'3" ft ), 59 kg ( 128 lbs )

❧ [n]ationality British (ethnicity is Irish and Spanish)

❧ [h]ouse Gryffindor

❧ [v]oice
Carrie Hope Fletcher

❧ [p]et
    Name | Baltimore

    Species | Little owl (Athene noctua)

    Personality loyal ☀ stubborn ☀ affectionate ☀ curious
    Baltimore and Isabelle both positive relationship with each other and both are equally caring for one another. Isabelle has built a bond with Baltimore that's pretty strong so he's became more and more loyal with the increasing bond. Although when in a bad mood he can be quite moody and stubborn, not responding to most calls. If someone is close enough with Baltimore he will be really friendly and gentle with them, nipping at peoples fingers or snuggling. Baltimore is bit of an adventurer as well going towards almost anything that interests him, which makes him a bit difficult to handle at times. Overall he's a very loyal and affectionate companion with a few quirks here and there.

❧ [w]and ingredients

Willow wood, Dragon Heartstring, 10 inches in length, unbending

❧ [s]pell list


A spell which leaves opponents stunned or stops moving objects. If used by multiple wizards the power will increase depending on how many casters there are.


When a Boggart appears the caster can use this spell to turn them into a humorous person or object to the caster. Although sadly it cannot kill the boggart since they are ammortal.


This spell can repair most objects and restore them to their former appearance. If objects are beyond repair or are done by powerful curses the spell has effect.


Summons objects from any distance to the caster. The farther the object the harder to summon but with the object clear in mind it can always be summoned.


When duelling this spell the person the caster strikes is disarmed of whatever they are holding at the moment. It can also be used to defend against spells, if the casting strength is strong enough the victim can be knocked unconscious.

❧ [e]xtra curricular/ [e]lective classes
    Elective | Care of Magical Creatures, Muggle Studies

    Extra Curricular | Quidditch (Chaser) or Ghoul Studies

❧ [p]ersonality
hardworking ♚ courageous ♚ hotheaded ♚ headstrong ♚ prideful ♚ blunt ♚ rebellious ♚ competitive

Isabelle is a brave young lady who isn't afraid of speaking her mind when necessary. She is generally friendly towards most people as long as they give a good impression to her, although if they give a bad impression of themselves she's more than likely to be sour towards them. Isabelle tends to give friends embarrassing nicknames if she likes them enough, nicknaming can also be used towards people she dislikes. She's easily ticked off and isn't afraid to lash out if angry enough, she always tries to bottle her anger but it never really works out. Isabelle always tends to stand up for what she believes in and with hard facts and all that she's got. She might not be the smartest witch she definitely tries her hardest with most of her tasks, always studying until she's sure until she's positive she's going to get high marks, always asking questions when she doesn't understand, and of course trying her best in class. Isabelle is a very competitive player especially when it comes to Quidditch, since she has had a strong interest in the sport ever since she was a child and the fact she's quite a good player since she practices with her relatives a lot. She prefers to go her own way although she's open minded most of the time when it comes to other peoples ideas and such. Her rebellious nature comes from her strict mother, since she isn't the most obedient person out there so she prefers to go her own way of thinking.

❧ [h]istory

She was the child of a pure blood father and muggle-born mother earning the rank of half-blood. She was born in Madrid, Spain and raised there for a brief time before moving to Manchester. Her mother was very strict towards magic usage within the household always wanting to do tasks in a more mundane approach and constantly hounding her to be a good role model for her little brothers. Her father on the other hand was a very magical man, always using magic for almost any task and letting the children have quite the magical childhood.
Due to the fact her father would always go against what her mother enforced she filed a divorce when Isabelle was nine and took the children into custody. This left Isabelle quite gloomy for a period of time, she would always send weekly letters to her father which got her into a better mood although her mother's strictness brought her down. She eventually got over the divorced and promised her father that she would the best wizard that she could be.
She always work as hard as she could during school and such. When she was eleven years old she received a letter to attend Hogwarts and was ecstatic about it, always rereading the letter to make sure she wasn't dreaming about it. Her mother was quite hesitant about her going to Hogwarts but eventually decided that she was allowed to attend Hogwarts.
Shopping in Diagon ally for her first year was quite an exciting time for her since this was the day that she received all her wizarding gear. She mostly got average tools for Hogwarts, nothing too expensive but nothing that wasn't that functional. Getting Baltimore was quite a exciting experience since she's always wanted an owl as long as she could remember, she instantly fell in love with Baltimore and he became her closest companion quickly. Acquiring her wand was quite an event as well, going through countless wands before and making quite the mess within Ollivander's shop before obtaining her perfect wand. Before she knew it she was on platform nine and three quarters saying her goodbyes.
She was saddened by the fact that she had to leave her mother and brothers, even though they got on her nerves she loved them a lot and really disliked the thought of leaving them. In the last few minutes her dad appeared on the platform, giving her mood a sudden uplift. He delivered his words of encouragement and how proud he was of Isabelle so far, she became euphoric and was determined to become someone that her family would be proud of.
She had a good feeling that she would get into Gryffindor so it wasn't much of a surprise when the hat sorted her into that house. Her years before were unforgettable, some events weren't that enjoyable but not everything can run smoothly in anyone's life. She achieved high marks in Defense against the dark arts, Charms, and Transfiguration, she practiced her Quidditch skills whenever she had time and found out she was quite good at dueling as well. She considers Hogwarts her home away from home and is quite attached to it and is quite curious by the secrets she has read and heard about Hogwarts.

❧ [l]ikes & [d]islikes

✓ Apples
✓ Quidditch
✓ Defence against the dark arts
✓ Animals (Birds especially)
✓ Humorous and entertaining people
✓ Sleeping in
✓ clever puns and jokes
✗ Immature people
✗ Slackers
✗ Losing
✗ brushing her hair ugh disgusting
✗ Being bossed around
✗ Astronomy

❧ [f]amily

➥ Father | Bruno Antonio Azarola (47)
➥ Mother | Ava (Williams) Azarola (46)
➥ Brother | Ben Azarola (10)
➥ Brother | Eric Azarola (10)

❧ [r]elationships

Dimitri Leshchyov ➣ Good friend

    At first she found him to be quite unpleasant and very snobbish at first, although after a few years she's grown to like him more and become his friend. Although she still likes to try to out do him even though he's an upperclassman. They do have little quarrels here and there but it's almost never over something big. Although she doesn't admit it she admires his intelligence and his charge.  

Briony-Lin Teague ➣ Acquaintance

    Isabelle and Briony haven't interacted all that much although they do have a positive relationship. After talking to each other in a Care of Magical creatures class Isabelle finds her passion in magical creatures to be quite cute. 

Jody Bech ➣ Acquaintance

    She hasn't interacted with Jody all that much either but she finds that Jody is pretty nice and easy to talk with. She would really like to spend more time with her and hopefully become friends with Jody. 
Catherine Featherstone ➣ Friend (?) Disliked (??)

    They tease each other about each others skills in flying and are good roommates. After recent events she's found it a tad difficult to see Cathy in a positive way, since they're teammates and roommates she tries to have a positive relationship with her.

Emerson Powell ➣ Good friend (??) Crush (??? ?)

    She met him at the Three Broomsticks and hit it off rather quickly. She finds him to be a funny and entertaining guy, she may or may not have some romantic feelings for him she's still trying to figure it out. Due to her stupidity she can't tell if he's joking around or actually flirting with her.   

Artemis Eisler ➣ Acquaintance

    She has a lot of respect for him being the captain of the gryffindor team and all. He seems very mature and strong-willed. After their first meeting she's curious to know more about him.

Amy Deasmhumhain ➣ Acquaintance

    Quite the odd person but she's an okay girl, she promised that she wouldn't bust her for doing pranks as long as she gets to help. Although she may or may not break that promise sooner or later since she's gotten more serious about enforcing the rules.

Nadi Chota ➣ Friend

    Isabelle finds Nadi to be quite the interesting girl, she finds that the way Nadi carries herself is respectable yet amusing. Hopefully they can spend more time together and become better friends.

Sai Valentine ➣ Friend 

    The little ball of sunshine Sai, she finds Sai to be a sweetheart and a cutie as well. Even though she's an adorable ball of sunshine Isabelle finds her to be someone to look up to a bit since she's a quidditch captain. Hopefully they can socialize more and become closer.

Tore Vitaliy ➣ Acquaintance

    He's a fellow gryffindor prefect who is pleasant to be around. He's a good mentor as well since he taught her a few things about magical theory and a new spell. Tore is a respectable older figure to her.

Talbot Nemes ➣ Friend

    Tally is a quirky and funny guy who Isabelle likes to be around. He's funny and is almost always positive which is what she really likes about him.

Carrie Smithons Acquaintance
    Carrie seems like a very friendly and amusing person. Isabelle hopes that they can get to know each other and become friends.

❧ [e]xtras
➺ Her zodiac sign is Cancer
➺ She prefers to be called Izzy but she doesn't mind other nicknames
➺ She doodles in her freetime
➺ Loves oversized sweaters and hoodies a lot
➺ She would like to be an auror but she's not all that sure if she's good enough
➺ If she isn't able to become an auror she would go for Hit wizard or DADA professor
➺ Faceclaim: Karen Gillan ( Her hair is a lot like this one girl i know though )

❧ [b]adges

➥ Yule ball 2014
➥ Prefect Badge
➥ 1000 House Points
➥ Valentine's day 2014
➥ Mayhem and Mischief  
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